The Mom Hat: Noah’s First Easter

I’m starting to appreciate the fact that Noah will know very little about what’s going on for the first year of his life. That gives me time to practice holidays. Nevertheless this was Noah’s (technically) first Easter. So of course, I did what all new moms do, and stuck him in an Easter onesie and silly Easter ears.

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Being as busy as I have been, I managed to decorate the dining room and kitchen for today. If you’re wondering I basically got everything from Target. They had the cutest Easter stuff this year.

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My first attempt at a layered cake…..

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It’s a strawberry cake with buttercream icing and coconut sprinkled on top. I colored the icing in between the layers pastel green and the outside pastel blue. We were so full from dinner we have yet to try it.

Unfortunately, Noah wasn’t able to sit with us for dinner because mommy read the wrong directions and we ate very very late. I accidentally read the cooking directions on the glazing packet which said to cook for 10 minutes. This seemed plausible since the ham is full cooked. Nope. The real directions were inside the plastic wrap. Really? Who puts directions INSIDE a sealed ham? Lesson learned. It came out awesome anyway.

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I hope everyone else had a terrific day and got to spend time with everyone they love. Happy Easter everyone! (except those who don’t like easter)


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