The Photographer Hat: Top 5 Things You Should NOT Do During a Session

… but I do them on a regular basis.

1. Forget to take the lens cap off.
I especially love when my clients don’t inform me of this but my lens is pointing straight at them. No, it’s not a new style of photography, your photographer is just a doofus. This is like Photography 101 Step 1.

2. Tell your clients to get on their knees (or some other direction that sounds worse than you meant.)
Instead phrase it more strategically like “Let’s try going down on your knees for a better angle…”

3. Let your 1 year old run amok in the studio while shooting.
You may just end up with a shadow of a small child on the backdrop that will not only add to editing time but look a little creepy.

4. Assume all of your clients share your twisted sense of humor.
This can get awkward fast. Not everyone will smile when you tell them to pretend the person next to them farted or think you swearing at your equipment is funny.

5. Leave your videographer at home.
You never know when your client’s dog will start humping you and you missed a valuable piece to your “behind the scenes” reel.

If there is one piece of advice I could give to people who hire a photographer it would be this: We’re all human and we all can be a little stupid or embarrassed sometimes. Have fun with your session because we’re laughing with you not at you. I swear (oops).

What are some things you’ve done as a photographer or been witness to as a client/model that were completely stupid and/or embarrassing?


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