The Mom Hat: A Case For Summer Pregnancies

Snowed-in public school, Valdez, Alaska, 1910 Because there wasn’t enough blocking your front door right now.

One of the top things I hear on the birth boards/groups this time around, is how grateful ladies are that they are not pregnant during the summer. Having been pregnant during the summer the first time, I am going to make my case why I think this is the most absurd statement ever (at least if you live in the North.)

1. No flip flops when your feet swell or shorts when your legs do too.
2. No cute summery dresses to show off your bump. In fact, no one can tell you’re pregnant under that huge coat.
3. Maternity jackets are expensive.
4. Shivering during contractions/Braxton Hicks.
5. Your baby shower is going to be inside.
6. Center of gravity change + pregnancy clumsiness + ice covered sidewalks/steps/streets = disaster.
7. Try shoveling your car out of the snow in your third trimester.
8. Your maternity portraits are going to be inside.
9. There’s no Black Friday when you’re pregnant if you care at all about you baby’s well being. You’ve seen the videos on YouTube. Just in case you didn’t:
10. Forget about getting your drink on on New Years.

BONUS: People might actually mistake you for a penguin with all the waddling.

What are some other reasons why being pregnant in the Summer is better??
….. or why being pregnant in the winter sucks?


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