I’m a tattooed mommy with no time for bullshit. I love my family, my job and what’s left of my sanity. I have one two-year-old son and one more tiny girl terrorist due in April 2014.

The terrorists = my kids.
Tripper = my husband.
and my life is a delicate balance of irony, hilarity, chaos and love.

This is my happily ever after. Please check your drama at the door (because I have enough for both of us.) Don’t assume because you’ll make an ass out of you and me. Take off your shoes and grab some popcorn.

Special topics to note:
“Mr. Yummy” is posted on the 1st of every month
“Sh** My Kids Did Today” are randomly posted displaying the terrorists’ highlight of my day. Feel free to jump in and share your highlight that day as well!  🙂

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