Many Hats: We’re Fucking Moving!!!!

It’s been awhile.
We’re fucking moving.
I’m using “fucking” as an adjective enhancing an adverb for both dissatisfaction and excitement.
Please see….


So anyway. We’re fucking moving. This is our new home. It’s a 3 story townhouse and it’s absolutely perfect for us. We’ll be moving in March 29th and we’re all very excited. I would post a picture of my current home but it would defeat the purpose since it looks nothing like what it did when I was growing up in it.


After my uncle passed away we discovered that there was, in fact, a mortgage on my childhood home. We cannot afford the monthly payments on this mortgage and no bank in it’s right mind would give me one to refinance it. So the conclusion was to move. It’s not all bad, though.

I can’t say I won’t be terribly devastated to leave the home I grew up in, but it is time to move on. The home we live in now is no longer the home it is in my memories. Living here makes me feel like I am still living in the past. If I am ever to have a future for myself or my family, it’s time to start making our own memories in our own home.

As you can see I’m having a serious inner struggle. I’m excited to start my new life but sad to say goodbye. I’ll be having Tripper record a little vid of me doing a walkthrough tour talking about the house room by room. Perhaps I’ll post it when it’s finished.

Sooner or later we’re going to start packing. I ordered a buttload of moving boxes from Amazon so we’re 1/100th of the way there.

Chances are we’ll leave it to the last minute.

Like everything else.

We had our inspection today and there wasn’t anything major. Some issues that need to be resolved before we can obtain an occupancy permit but I’m sure it’ll all get sorted out. Our agent tried explaining it to me today but I was too distracted by the snow/shit storm outside and worrying about getting home in time to relieve the sitter/Irma. Something about GFIs and drywall and a loose railing. Oh well.

With any luck, we’ll get the move done in one day. I’m renting a 26 foot Uhaul and paying some moving helpers to help Tripper (because I’m going to be waaay too busy keeping the Boss occupied and can’t be bothered to lift a finger.) I don’t want to be held up in an Extended Stay with the Boss if I can help it. He’s already going to be traumatized enough.